lease structures to fit your needs


Designed to ensure and execute the future refresh of IT equipment, the contract includes a reoccurring monthly expense over the life of the lease and includes the flexibility to return, extend or purchase equipment at the end of the lease. No deposits or upfront rents, no restocking fees or residual guarantees.


When the lessee chooses to own the equipment the term is usually greater than 75% of the equipment's useful life and can include an automatic transfer of title for a fixed purchase price at the end of the lease. A capital/finance lease contract is typically shown as an asset on the lessee’s balance sheet and depreciated over the useful life of the equipment.


Beneficial for those with budget constraints or unplanned purchases, step-up/deferred payment lease options are structured such that the rent may change during the term of the lease. Step-up and deferred payment leases allow the lessee to pay less early in the lease term, and more later. Payment changes are stated at the beginning of the lease and agreed to by both the lessor and the lessee.


Software providers often require multiple fundings upon achievement of pre-specified benchmarks. As such, Ampil offers an Installment Payment Agreement (IPA) solution to finance 100% of software, maintenance, integration & support costs over a defined installation period.


An all-inclusive rental agreement that combines the use of the equipment, software support, and managed services for one single, per device payment. This model allows organizations to use their capital for more strategic investments while creating a predictable IT budget and a natural technology refresh cycle.

OUR Approach

When it comes to technology leasing, we believe you should demand more from the leasing partner you choose. Watch this video to learn more about our approach.

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  • IT Leasing and Procurement Manager, International Automotive Manufacturer

    "I want to brag on Katrina and Kim. They are so helpful, so kind, and so consistent, in helping us through the process. Without them, we could not have been successful."

  • "Passer au leasing est la meilleure chose que nous ayons faite. Maintenant, la direction informatique n'a plus besoin d'aller voir les gradés et de les supplier pour obtenir un budget tous les 5 à 7 ans pour remplacer des équipements qui auraient dû être remplacés en 3 ans."