At IEFC, we believe that you should demand more from your leasing partner. Giving you the power to create your ideal lease solution, that enables you to get the most value out of your technology/equipment.


Each IEFC leasing client is treated as a true partner. We are dedicated to offering a full lease solution that supports you for years to come. We partner with you through each stage of the leasing process, from the day we customize your lease program to the day that your equipment is returned, you can count on IEFC.



IEFC understands that every business has unique processes and requirements. With this in mind, we work hand-in-hand with you to fully customize your leasing program. From the type of equipment to invoicing and end of lease options, we will work with you to design the program to meet your business needs.


Equipment Types

IEFC can accommodate both IT and non IT assets, including medical equipment and software.


Term Lengths

IEFC offers lease terms to match your equipment refresh cycle and budget requirements.


Bank Partners

IEFC has discounting relationships with top banks and can discount lease payments to your preferred banking partner.


Ordering Process

IEFC will place orders according to your desired timeline for delivery, and aims to do so without any delays.


End of Term Options

IEFC allows you to purchase, return, and/or renew your equipment on a line item basis. We collaborate with you at the end of the lease to ensure you are prepared.



IEFC can customize your lease invoices to accommodate different departments, locations, cost centers, and divisions.


Electronic Signature

IEFC utilizes electronic signature to provide streamlined execution of documents, that are automatically populated into your AMOS customer portal when finalized.


Installation Intervals

IEFC recommends creating installation intervals with your future refresh in mind. We offer monthly & quarterly schedules, 90-day windows, or progress payments.


There is more to a great financial partner than just a rate. Some leasing companies utilize onerous terms and conditions in their documents to drive fee income out of their clients.

At IEFC we pride ourselves in having the most transparent, client focused documentation in the industry, so there are no surprises.

Flexibility That Decreases Total Cost
  • Disclosed interim rent
  • Visibility to expiring contracts
  • Month-to-month renewals at end of term
  • Line item end of term options
  • Like-kind return of PCs, monitors, laptops and tablets
  • Average damage charges <1% of original equipment cost
  • No documentation fees
  • Lessor owned and operated return center

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What happens to off lease equipment?

Equipment is returned to the IEFC technology center where it is audited, repaired and then remarketed to businesses and organizations across a variety of industries. All technicians are Microsoft A+ certified in the receipt, audit and repair of off-lease equipment. We are dedicated to a process that protects your information and is friendly to the environment.

Dedicated End of Lease Coordinators

Coordinators assist in all aspects of the end of lease process. Services range from coordinating equipment returns, supplying packing material, processing buyout, extension and return activity.


We are experienced in chain-of-custody for the equipment return process. We can coordinate pickup and return transportation ranging from single carrier to secure line haul and Federal Express Secure. On site audit, packaging and sanitization services are available upon request.


AMOS is the best-in-class IT Asset and Lease Management software that gives our clients visibility to all aspects of their leased assets including their entire IT portfolio value and metrics, upcoming maturities and more.

AMOS provides advanced functionality that allows clients to manage location and serial number changes, terminate leases, request asset buyouts and renewals, and generate packing slips for equipment return.