Can They Finance That Equipment? From a Casino Sportsbook to Medical Trailers

Think all leases are the same? Think again. Maybe you’ve already learned the hard way that bigger is not always better and that leases are much more than their standard rates. At IFS, we know that every equipment and technology leasing scenario is unique, each with distinct processes, systems and equipment to consider. And because of this we firmly believe that one size does not fit all. The only way to provide a truly valuable financing solution is to get to know each customer and design a program that considers all relevant factors and takes into account specific needs, goals and objectives. Before you embark on your next leasing search, consider these recent real-world examples of unique and flexible equipment financing solutions:

A Casino’s Sportsbook Video Screens Get a State-of-the-Art Upgrade

A casino was ready to replace its outdated sportsbook video screens. This was a major upgrade, and required a complex effort with multiple parties involved in the project. As such, it was a challenge to find a lessor that would structure an unsecured leasing transaction for the video display equipment needed for the casino.

The answer: The casino engaged with an independent leasing company that was nimble and flexible enough to work with multiple groups including senior executives, the credit department, portfolio management and third parties, and deliver an unsecured leasing transaction. As a result, the casino was able to preserve its capital, spread payments over time and hedge against technology obsolescence.

Mobile MRIs Get a Mobile Home

A healthcare company was preparing to set up mobile MRIs and was working with a captive leasing firm to finance the imaging equipment. However, the organization also needed a lease agreement for the mobile trailers in which the MRI would be housed. Unfortunately, due to some restricted capabilities of the captive finance organization, they were unable to secure a fair market value lease for the mobile trailer facilities.

The answer: The healthcare organization found the solution in partnering with an independent leasing company that had the flexibility to be able to work with the captive firm and deliver a fair market value lease in sync with the timing of the project and other leases.

By working with IFS, as an independent leasing partner, both organizations described above found that they could, in fact, lease what they previously thought might not be possible. Independent firms offer the advantage of having just one mission – to serve the customer. They can be much more flexible and nimble to structure transactions where large banks or other types of leasing firms may not be. The bottom line is, the partner that you choose for equipment financing matters more than you may think. And the good news is that your unique financing needs may not be impossible after all.

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